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Circular quay wrasse? (Gunthers Wrasse)


After fishing all day for no kings or bonito decided to quickly flick a crankbait for a bream around the international terminal before getting the train at circular quay. Had a wrasse shape follow me up, repeated the cast and paused when I had the followup again to get a hookup. I don't really know exactly what sort of fish though and I have never seen one before.




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Any time you can be entertained by catching a fish right in the heart of a city I like to see.

What I don't like to see is such a crude method of holding a fish especially if being returned!

Maybe get some lip grips, at least that way you wont crush the teeth/mouth of such a great looking fish, especially if it starts going off & then potentially hinder its survival!

If we want to return a fish we need to give it the best chance possible!

I might be over reacting but hey just asking you to think about it 😉


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@kingie chaserIt swam away well. Im just really paranoid about fish spikes and this one had some suspicious ones on the bottom and some sharp teeth. Since I had no idea about the species or the correct way to handle I use the closed thing to a lip grip (don't own any) the mouth was very hard and sharp so a hard object on pliers I assumed would not harm it since a fish species with a jaw like that would probably normally eat hard objects like barnacles.

Now I am more educated about another species I will know how to handle it next time.

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