The Eels of Glasshouse Rocks

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1 hour ago, wazatherfisherman said:

Hi JonD glad to hear the area is still a great fishy spot. I've been back to Narooma stacks of times fishing, one year I went down heaps of times with old friend the late Kenny Griffiths and when it was too rough to go outside, we went to Mystery Bay and a couple of times to Glasshouse. First time back at Glasshouse, only the tops of the "crack" were visible, the rest was covered in sand and basically no water there. Next trip down there the way out to the big rocks was over waist deep and there was a school of really large Yakka's sitting where the "eel wall' was.

My eel story goes back 47 yrs now and Bob is cemented in as a fishing "hero" such was his "bravery" in handling the eels!

Big Kenny was a good friend of ours too, small world. Miss the big fella.

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Hi JonD  Kenny and I fished together in club comps for a few years and caught heaps of fish, also enjoyed going to Narooma and staying in our tents. We fished Mystery for Blackie's and he caught a "master's" pig there on 4 lb mono

One trip in Sydney we even went down to Bluefish murk when Trevally were "Fish of the Month"- wore beanies and sunglasses so we wouldn't be recognised, but at the next club meeting, half the club members turned up in them and I'll always remember what a laugh it was. 

The Narooma convention provided some of the funniest nights I've ever experienced, with stories and practical jokes galore. George Forrester, as well as being one of the best blokes and fisherman you'd ever meet, was usually behind the mischief. Fond memories for all that attended.

Regards Waza

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