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Hi all I have a boat with twin tohatsu m40c motors 1 is not firing bottom cyl had to replace flywheel and  trigger and exciter coils a few months ago and everything working fine,  noticed running rough last trip pulled ignition leads no change on bottom cylI've swapped plugs   ignition coil and cdi unit still no joy any ideas thanks

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6 hours ago, Rebel said:

Hi Rah,

Not very good at linking. If you Google Tohatsu Ouboards it will come up. Best I can do.


Rebel, It might assist more is you can provide the right information over just a fleeting comment, otherwise its not really helping! 

Just my 2 cents.

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16 hours ago, Rebel said:

I DID. Google the info.

Your not getting the point here!

Saying I know something but not directing the person to the right place does not help anyone!


@Rebel I will try to help you work this out.

If you need to provide a link it is quite easy & perhaps I can help you through it?

If your on the webpage of the information you want to provide highlight the web address by clicking the left side of the mouse & holding the cursor in front of the last letter or behind first letter then drag the cursor over the web whole address, it should turn blue.

When its highlighted right click on the mouse & it will come up cut/copy/undo/select.

Select copy, then in your post right click on the mouse & select paste.


The address bar of the website will then paste into the thread & provide the right info for the member 😊

The same process can be done if your sending an email to someone as well, it is also just the same as any copy & paste method, in this case you are copy & pasting the URL or web address.

Here is a tutorial for you to look at-


Just spend a bit of time practicing it & let me know how you go.


Hope that helps you? 

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Hi mechanic checked compression a few months ago all good as it's a twin setup changed coil cod unit over no difference tried again yesterday cleaned all terminals  noticed battery  connection to motor loose don't think that would make  a difference but seems a bit better maybe the terminals now just need to get on the water to test but who knows when that can happen cheers 

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I guess the very first thing to do is verify there is definitely no spark, just because it makes no difference when the plug lead is off does not always mean it has no spark, do that test first.

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A bad earth can cause major headaches different components are earthed independently which will make fault finding hard. Have had problems previously with a bad earth in control box causing intermittent spark. 

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