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Squid west side Lake Macquarie


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Hey raiders, where’s  some go to spots around the west side of Lake Macquarie to jig for some squid land based? Any jetty’s around?

The only place I know where there is some is styles point at Rathmines, but every time I go there they are not interested in my jig no matter what I do. I’ve rubbed prawn, anti seed oil, pilchard and S factor on my jig but they are still not interested, but I see heaps of them smashing the surface, so they are obviously hungry.

Ive tried many different colours and sizes to no avail. It’s frustrating as hell!!!! 

many tips please it’s driving me insane, I’ve also jigged  an hour before high tide and just abit after high, that’s when the sun comes up! I usually go at around 4am when there is not much wind. 

thanks !

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4 minutes ago, rickmarlin62 said:

Probably not squid smashin the surface  more likely to be pike  1.8 or 1.5 jigs  orange pink green   

Hey mate yeah I’ve got all those different colours and I got 1.5 and 1.8s. Still nothing haha 

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Just now, back cruncher said:

Hi all...Garryn,if you can see squid you should be able to catch them.squid like to attack when jig is on the dive.rick makes a good point,maybe they not squid.

Yeah fair enough, but I do see a lot looking at my jig then shying away

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