Hairtail Donations Needed for Science

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Hey Raiders,

I'm working with the Marine Ecology Group at Macquarie University and we're hoping to do a study on hairtail diet. If you are keen to get involved, all the details are below!


What are we researching?

Understanding the diet of predatory fish is key for good fishery management. No work has been published in Australia on the diet of hairtail. We will be analysing the stomach content of hairtail, and the chemistry of their tissue to understand the prey species they feed on. This should help us identify prey stocks key to maintaining good hairtail numbers.


What do we need?

Heads and guts! When cleaning a hairtail, just put the whole head and all of the guts in a ziplock bag. If possible, leave a tiny bit of meat behind the head. With a marker, write the date, approximate location, and the size (total length in cm) of the hairtail. Even one hairtail head/guts helps, so if you have any to donate, contact us with the information below and we will pick it up.


Contact us

I can be contacted through this account on fishraider! Otherwise:

Email: tristan.guillemin@hdr.mq.edu.au

Facebook: Tristan A Guillemin

Instagram and twitter: @fishoscience


Thanks heaps to Donna for approving the post here! Look forward to working with everyone here!

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23 hours ago, James Clain said:

@ChantelleClain very similar :) 

Very similar indeed! Have contacted Chantelle about this project before we went forward!

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