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upgrades on the soft vibes

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With Monday's soft vibe success plagueing all week having to work nights finished my last shift for the run this morning worked out a 3 hour snooze get up and get moving I'll have a 3 hour fiishing window before the kids turn up. it was tough getting up but the thought of a big jewie waiting to be caught got me moving. 

Again the weather was magnificant, sounded around the old bridge again but no bait so didn't waste much time around there shot back down to the rockbar at the new bridge, again the bait was thick, started casting again with the fish trap but this time I'd gone to a heavy baitcaster to hopefully prevent another cod dusting. Second cast and the lures nailed the fish took off hard with big headshakes dreaming of a jew but instead outcomes a solid flathead 


went 63cm incredibly heavy and one of the hardest fighting flatties I've caught in ages


With that fish the arvo was already worth the sleep deprivation so kept the casts going and 2 casts later on again 


this one went 55cm and again really thick from happily sitting on a rockbar gorging on herring and whitebait, had a few more hits and misses then decided to move on and try some other areas, managed a very ambitious bream on a deep edge otherwise not much action, with time running out did one last drift down the rockwall where I got the GT on Monday, the sounder lit up with bait after a couple of assumed trevally hits the lure gets monstered, thinking trev I let it run a bit soon realised that was a big mistake as it started steamrolling towards the rocks had to ut some serious hurt on the fish to turn it around but it stubbornly hung deep, all I could think was BIG!!! eventually after one hell of a battle mostly thumbing the spool the beast revealed itself and was in the net


a big black spot, it was an assumed similar fish that dusted  which is why I thankfully used the heavy baitcaster 


he went just over 50cm and was in absolute tank condition, biggest I've caught around here by far and second biggest Ive caught period 

with that time was up on a cracking little session, caught the same species as last time but with a major size upgrade, think I'll be ordering more fish traps

cheers for reading 


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Great report again Dave even though no Jewy but I'm sure it won't be long.

Mind you with all this success you'r having the Bycatch is impressive.

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Nice work, what are the soft vibes your using?

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1 hour ago, kingie chaser said:

Nice work, what are the soft vibes your using?

95mm zerek fish trap

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