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Fish identification? (Striped Trumpeter/Grunter))

Mike Sydney


Hiya raiders! 

First time poster but have been reading this site for a few months - you all have been a wealth of knowledge as i started my fishing journey back in May.

This poor chap pictured was hooked in the eye at Rose Bay today as he came in for a bite of chicken breast. 
Length was perhaps 12cm, very small indeed.

what am I looking at here? Is this a juvenile   Yellow Perch, a striped snapper, some sort of baitfish, one of those hallucinogenic Salema things ?

I couldn’t make a positive ID from googling  so figure why not come to the experts.

some quick thanks - Waza for the write up on Bradley’s Head / White Rock which was amazing.  Whoever posted that recent squidding guide too, incredible detail. 

I started fishing as a way to get out of the house back in Sydney’s Covid lockdown and as I’m sure with most of you I now can’t stop. Only a dozen or so fish caught and released so far - bream, tailor, fan bellied leathers and a bunch of baby snapper. This was the first catch in what has been a slow few weeks. 

any clues or definitive identification would be welcome. Heck it could be a super common baitfish but I am very new to this whole thing!!


cheers, Mike 






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Welcome aboard Mike.

Few common names, as @Rob81 said Striped Trumpeter it's also called a Striped Grunter.

Official Common name is "Eastern Striped Grunter" They don't grow very big either.

All the best with the fishing to.

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Excellent thanks for the replies both! 

on a side note , if I catch a fish like this one which is not on the DPI bag limit sheet I got with my license can I assume it’s good to use as live bait or keep? 

Keen to be a responsible fisho, what’s the rule of thumb for fish not on the size or bag limit lists - are we free to do as we please or is it the opposite? 


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