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Putting tilt and trim on a 50hp 2stroke 2015 tohatsu

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Hi all,


I was looking at a boat recently(my first one!) however theres no power trim and that was a big factor for me.

I was wondering is it possible to get it installed and if so, how much would it cost? Based in Sydney.

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To buy it all new would be very expensive, and quite a job to fit, you might find a complete second hand unit at the wreckers, make sure it has all the wiring and so on.

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hi chris a lot of mucking around been there a few times ,if you could find a 2nd hand one ,no change from $500 if you did the work your self.A $1000 to get someone else to do it. .the aftermarket t/t would cost, estimate $1500 to 2000 fitted ..my opinion sell that motor and get one with t/t fitted if you want that boat or just keep looking around,i hope this helps cheers dunc333

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