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General sydney fishing - kings, flathead, bonnito, snapper

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Hey Raiders, 

I am posting on behalf of my father in law. He is recently retired and after many years of working hard has decided now is the time to really learn how to fish properly.

He has a boat and is looking for blokes that want to come along and happy to help him develop his skills. No particular target species, though as its mostly for eating kings, flathead, bonnito and snapper are favourites. He is keen to fish the estuaries and also tackle a bit of light offshore with someone who has the experience to head outside.

He is a Korean/Australian with good English and being retired is looking for people that might want to get out with him for midweek trips.
He is located in Epping and generally launches at Mooney Mooney, Bobbin Head, Akuna Bay or Roseville.

Sadly I work full time so I am not able to spend the time on the water, and I am still learning too.

If you are up for it, please DM me and I will sort if out so you guys can chat or text directly to sort out times etc.

Thanks for the help,


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can i suggest this-organise a couple of charters with the guys that fish out of the Hawkesbury and the harbour- your dad will learn more in a trip with them that he will in years of fishing by himself- a lot of the more experienced guys here tend to fish on their own boats with a set group of mates - and the other advantage of a charter (well a good one anyway) is you tell them what you want to do-on someone elses boat you are restricted by their fishing habits-PM me if you want some suggestions

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1 hour ago, PaddyT said:

and the other advantage of a charter (well a good one anyway) is you tell them what you want to do-on someone elses boat you are restricted by their fishing habits-PM me if you want some suggestions

Imo I'd be looking a someone who is more a guide rather than a charter operator, to me they are 2 different things.


Again my opinion but 95% of charter operators dont want to teach you anything they just want you to catch a few fish of any species to keep you happy & if you ask them you want to target a specific species they will go along even if its the wrong time of year & go to their flathead ground back up plan 


Im sure there are some good ones out there but I've been on to many that just want the $$ & dont really care to much.


Maybe I am just bitter & twisted from over the years being on so many that they really just want your coin @ $120PP & as long as they see you catch a few flathead they think you will be happy no matter your experience:whistling:  


Great looking boat by the way @Luko78's dad :thumbup:

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not going to recommend any cattle boats KC- 120 PP charters you get what you pay for. I dont go on charters very often-ive actually only been on 7 in my entire life (im 52)- but heres the rub- when i decided i wanted to learn about marlin fishing i went on a very well known boat out of Port Stephens (three times) , I learnt more on the first trip than i could of in 20 of my own- and the trip actually helped me when i bought my next boat a couple of years later in terms of how to be gear and space efficient- i went out a couple more times with the same boat because a couple of mates wanted to go too and at the time i was boatless- all up spent about 1500 on those three charters but the learning experience was second to none. Now-while i was on those charters i stood up the entire time we were fishing with either the captain but mainly with the deckie- i helped rig baits, set drags, set teasers, clear gear and leadered a marlin for a mate so i could see what it was all about- some of the other guys just went to sleep in the cabin and waited for the strike-who got value-i did. Similar experience a couple of years ago-got an invite to go out with one of Sydneys best known kingfish charters through my local tackle store (which is sadly now closed)- i knew the captain pretty well through interactions in the tackle shop AND i thought i was pretty good at downrigging kings-lets just say this -one day on this charter improved my kingfish catching rates 3 fold-and all i did was observe, help and ask questions-the actual fishing was secondary (we did catch about 50 kings that day)-so there are charters and then there are charters. Every day on the water is a learning experience-if you are passive and just want to be dragged to a fish then you will not gain everything that is to gain by spending a bit of money and opening your ears and eyes.

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46 minutes ago, PaddyT said:

not going to recommend any cattle boats KC. 

Didnt suggest you were!

When there's 10 of you $1200 for 4 hours of fishing isnt what I call cheap for what most charters are which is bottom bashing.

Sound like you were lucky to know someone who knew someone that was at the top of thier game but again I think thats a rare thing


I've been on a charters out of PS where the deckie & the captain told us not to touch anything until he ok's it 

Luckily those operators doesnt exist anymore 


Game fishing on the other hand I would class as a very different kind of charter, you woukd expect to pay $400/500 PP to go out to the shelf


I just find them hit & miss, mostly miss & thats why I dont do charters anymore, to many bad experiences & a waste of money..................end of story!

On the other hand getting someone who is recommended to you well then that does at least give some confidence & expectationsmore than the average charter.

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