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Hey fish raiders.

im itching to get out fishing.

is there any lonely fishing legends out there with a boat and can get us on some good fish and a good day out?

im willing to ring in sick through the week or weekends are free. I’m good for paying my way.

Also be good for learning the ins and outs of boating as I will have one soon.


give me a message and we can catch up if keen.

regards 🎣

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PM sent mate. Wait for the world to come normal again and you're welcome to jump on anytime. 🤙

Mainly launch out of Gosford wharf or Terrigal ramp (Can see you've fished around here before). 

Cheers, Brendo 

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11 hours ago, Tarik said:

invites!! i've been dying to go out...

theres something call "covid" preventing others, despite what you may see out there in other boats, hence a lot of people buying boats, to avoid being picked up. Its surprising the maritome has not actually done a big sweep, they would make a fortune in fines if they did, most of the boats out there have people that surely are NOT in the same household.

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