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Went out on the tinny on a beautiful morning today around middle harbour and ended up catching one rat 55cm king, all we are using right now is pilchard and squid from the servo. We went around to rocky point at Balmoral and couldn’t catch or see any yakkas or squid. Do you guys have any tips or places I could go to get some yakkas or squid?

Thanks 😀


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Its been a long time since i fished the harbour but we used to get them at Quarantine wharf because we launched at  Northbridge and it was only a short trip from Quarantine to the channel markers in middle harbour. . The ferry wharf at Neutral bay was also good But any of the ferry wharves can have yakkas on them also clifton gardens . I have also caught them around the private jetties between neilson park and rose bay , you will have to anchor up just out from the jetty and fish back towards it - they really don’t like it when you tie off to their jetty !

You will need to check the marine park zoning for quarantine - it didn’t exist back when i went there .

Squid was over the kelp beds that are below the old fishermans shacks around dobroyd .once again check the regs for this area before you go fishing there !

I’m wondering if all the rain we had has put them down a bit deeper ?




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15 hours ago, MaxiTroll said:

Thanks for the reply, do you know any spots for yakkas in middle harbour as my tinnie struggles a bit in the Sydney harbour and I just plan on fishing middle harbour tomorrow

You could also try around the marina on the west side of the spit bridge .



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Thanks everyone for the replies, ended up going to balmoral and picked up some yakkas, all which were quite large. Ended up only have one yakka getting taken at the boat wreck at quakers point and then as soon as king was at the boat it spit the fish as we didn’t let it eat the yakka long enough.


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From your pick I would say you are at the seaforth bluff. If you go before dawn or around that time all the moorings will have yellow tails with berly try near gerny crescent pontoon/pool early is key to avoid pickers. 

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