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Had the original plan of flicking for flathead and salmon off the beach with plastics no hits so we went and collected weed for bait and burley and tried for luderick, they were in massive numbers all good size but very finicky when eating we just used a tiny split shot to the hook even the floats would spook them and dropped leaders to 4/6lb. Bite was slow but managed a few biggest going 42cm in the pic below 


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1 hour ago, TRIER said:

Nice fish mate. Do they still let you fish off that wharf, with all the ferries coming and going?

Yeah they do allow it, just need to be mindful of the passengers most of them are excited to see a fish get a handful of them that go on about how it’s cruel 

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2 hours ago, Kyle_9173 said:

Don’t wanna give away the spot so it doesn’t become overwhelmed?

Do you really think a picture of you with a fish is going to get a place like Watson’s Bay overrun?

People have been fishing there for years.

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Top fish mate, can certainly be trickier in the calmer water. Well done.

Nothing wrong with not going out of your way to pin point your exact fishing spot for the whole world. I've seen how much busier even well know landbased spots can get after some good reports. A report like this is still a much better contribution to the forum than the "where from", "can you pm me the GPS location", etc, brigade. 




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I think what Mrs Swordy was getting at was summarised by this post:

As this post says, it is ok not to disclose a good spot, but it is appreciated on this community if some general information was given, e.g. 'Lower Harbour' or even just 'the habour'. Most fishos who have become good at their craft have had a helping hand at various points in their fishing careers and I think this is a big reason why this community is so valued by many.

That said, one could have worked out the spot just through the pictures, plus google maps. For those who wanted to analyse a successful fisho's report, a lot can be ascertained by the pictures and description of the report. As well as looking for the spot itself, one could also look for similar spots with the same properties (e.g. deep, clear water with structure nearby). It may well be that another hotspot exists - in the harbour or maybe even in another stretch of water closer to home.

Nice luderick Kyle. I'm jealous of the free time you have to spend on the water!

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