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ARTICLES - now stored in The Library

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The articles written by members are being moved into a section in Public Bar for the time being. There will be an special area for them later down the track.

It will be easier to store them here until then. They will easily be found. I have 30 more to add.

If you would like to submit an article let me know



Enjoy the reading :)


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Hi All

I have added all the articles

This was started 18 years ago by the man who started the forum Ken A. You will find many of the articles are written by him. Much of the content is very relevant still. There will be some differences and new tackle that has appeared over the years. 

If anyone would like to add a new article let me know.

I reckon we could do with some articles on the new technologies like sounders, electric motors, camera and smartphone usage. Then we have all the stuff about boats. I am sure you will all think about what topics would be good. The article should not have any links (unlike posts) as the links can become broken and dead over time. 

There are many members who write the best posts on things to help others. There will be topics that continually come up. 

This will help the new breed of member that we are getting. The social media users come to forums, join, ask a really broad question and expect great big long answers. They hit and run in fact which is the new way but they don't always contribute anything which is a pity. 

Lots of members are helping by directing people to the search engine which is a great help. We could also direct them to The Library Articles :)

Send me a pm if you want to do a write up or you want to nominate someone else perhaps.



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