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Batehaven NSW - land based

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Looking to head down to Batehaven NSW in October.

I have 2 kids in tow and keen for a bit of fishing. Rock fishing is out. Beach, wall, wharf fishing is probably the go.

Are Corrigans or Casey’s Beaches more reliable for fishing than the walls in town along the river?


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Depending on how old the kids are, you could try around the Hanging Rock Boat Ramp area. Off the breakwall is an option but you will have to pick the tides as they rush through pretty quickly at times. The breakwater is pretty long so you will have lots of choice in where to try. You can also try Corrigans Beach, right at the Northern end of it where the breakwater ends. I have seen various species caught there including Flathead, Bream, Whiting & Luderick. That beach further down towards Batehaven Shops gets extremely shallow, so don't think its much chop. There is a wharf near the main bridge just opposite Woolworths that would be worth trying with the kids, there's always a few people trying their luck there. 

Don't know much about Casey's Beach, fishing wise. Don't think I've ever seen anyone fishing there, but its certainly a great little beach for kids, so you could chuck a line in after they've had a swim.

Other places you could try are Tomaga River at Tomakin (which is probably 20 minutes South), and Durras either off the beach or in the lake (which is about 20 minutes North.

Hope that helps.

Good luck

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