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Hey everyone.  Looking into a new rod and reel. A 7ft will do as will be used for pier fishing in the bays.

Im leaning towards the Daiwa brand. I wonder what sort of experiences people have had with this brand.

Would you go towards a 2000 or 2500? 

Cheers everyone.


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Welcome aboard.

Dawia after sales and repair and warranty. Beware.

Pick another brand.

If you go to the search engine, there is plenty of help there.


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@dan006, nothing wrong with Daiwa or any other brand really but it is all about your budget.

Generally the quality of any reel increases with the budget but yes you do need to look at the specifications & the materials plus build quality of any brand, reel or rod.

What is your interpitation of peer fishing & what is your intended target/s??

What is on offer at one peer does not mean all are the same.   


There have been quite a few examples on here to show how decent sized fish can be caught on cheap rod combo's.


The main difference is do you want something that will give you some longevity or maybe need to replace sooner than later?

That normally determines the budget.

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I have about 15 reels I'm using at moment a mix of Daiwa and Shimano and found them pretty equal, however I've found spare spools etc much dearer for Daiwa and a line roller bearing cost me about $20.  I lean a little towards Shimano as they are based locally at Taren Point for service and parts if required. 

6 or 8lb braid will easily serve your needs, any higher will affect your casting distance.  Little difference between 2000 and 2500 with some models using same body with different spools.  Ron 

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7 hours ago, dan006 said:

Im leaning towards the Daiwa brand. I wonder what sort of experiences people have had with this brand.

Re brand ... I can only comment on their "higher" end stuff... 

Remember  Diawa are largely a wholesaler - and under Aus consumer law, your first port of call regarding warranty issues is the point of sale - the vendor. 

In my case, I purchased a Daiwa Tanacom 1000 electric reel ... the vendor could not get stock due to the Tsunami in japan delaying shipment to Aus. The vendor worked with Diawa and they came to the party and shipped me a Tanacom Bull 1000 for no additional cost. That told me they stood behind their sellers and their product and their customers when it counted. 

Cheers Zoran

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