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Pacificana Drive Boatramp (Sussex Inlet)


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Location: On the corner of Pacificana Drive and Alamein Road in Sussex Inlet.

Condition: Single lane ramp concrete ramp with no amenity. The ramp itself is in good condition, however due to the narrow ramp it is only suitable for small boats (tinnies and kayaks).    

Parking/Facilities: There is a small amount of parking nearby, on grass (enough for 4 to 6 cars and trailers).   All Jettie's nearby are privately owned.  

Access to ocean: This ramp offers excellent access to Sussex inlet and from there to the ocean across a bar if you wish.  

Notes:  I own a 5m fibreglass runabout and in a pinch I could have launched it at this ramp.  But frankly you wouldn't bother unless you were desperate as the magnificent Lakehaven Drive boat ramp is a 30 second drive away.  This ramp is however entirely serviceable for small tinnies and kayaks, and the channel it launches into is very sheltered and does not have any current at all.  

Pacificana Drive Boat Ramp.jpg

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