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Hey there,

Looking at going for a fish for some bass this weekend at Grose River near the Trees Adventure Park. Need some help figuring out which lures to use. First time freshwater fishing. Been recommended the following lures so far, and have bought them. 

Zman Grubz

Zman Slim Swimz 

Zman TRD Crawz

Atomic jerk Minnow 65 mid

Mepps Agila Decorees Spinner Lure

Tackle Tactics Switchblade Lure


Any other suggestions for lures worth buying, or will this sustain me, in hopes of catching a bass there. 




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1 hour ago, scottyboy said:

This is what I think Dave's talking about(correct me if I'm wrong). Has worked very well in the past along side the brand name lures.

Cheers Scotty 


that's it...... deadly on bass

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Rublex Celta Spinner in the 3.5gm. Excellent for rivers and the bass can't seem to help themselves hitting the lure. Retrieve it as slow as possible without snagging up. You might need to lift up the rod to start with to give it a bit of upward lift and then lower the rod as the lure gets closer to you.

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BTW worth bringing some small surface lures such as poppers or even cicadas at this time of year as they will hit surface lures and it is a bit more spectacular when you see the hit.

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