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Happy World Mental Health Day

kingie chaser

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Firstly in this thread I just want to specifically mention all our family, friends & fellow country men & women in Melbourne & Victoria who have just found out that they are going to be in an extended lockdown.

I just wanted to try & give some support to anyone who needs it & lend an ear if I can?

I live in Sydney & while I feel I have had a tough time now being out of work for some 7 months I still lucky, lucky that I have a roof over my head & thankful I have food in the fridge.

This whole seperation of country, states & its people has been such a sore point in my mind.

I dont even feel like we are one country anymore due to the actions of politicians & thats totally wrong.

I mean I'm the 1st person to say I hope the cockroaches crush the cane toads or hope the swans whip the crows but we really need to keep thinking of this country as a whole & not seperate from one another.

Again our politicians are letting us all down imo, you only have to look at the lack of compassion in some of these bad & out of touch decisions about termanily ill people not being able to cross boarders to see its just a political game to them.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!!

Beurocaricy gone mad!

Anyway I can understand how much pressure people are under, how many businesses are struggling but I just want to say chin up all, your in the best country in the world & things will get better.

If anyone feels overwhelmed & if you think any fellow Raiders can help we will try our best othersiwe please contact someone via this page.

You just need to reach out & there will be someone willing to listen. 




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A very good post @kingie chaser here is one that has been shared today on my healthcare worker channels 


Talking about mental health could & SHOULD be as normal as talking about physical health. 
This Mental Health Day we are sharing this infographic which is full of simple and achievable mental health exercises to improve your mental health (in much the same way you would exercise to improve your physical health)! 

Did you know that Beyond Blue have begun providing 24/7 mental health support, both online and by phone, delivered by mental health professionals. If you are interested in having a free conversation with a mental health professional you can call: 1300 22 46 36


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