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I have replaced the fuel in my tank when I had issues with my engine

see My previous post

I have fresh 98 and oil mix in the tank and have about 10 to 15 litres of pre mixed fuel in a jerry can About 6 to 8 months old at present

is it safe to use it in 5 litre blocks in between using new 98 mix


over 6 months new 98 mix then 5 litre of old mix then new again or would you just tip it out ?

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Better safe than sorry Greg. Use it in your mower or whipper snipper and use fresh fuel. If you do have any problems you should be able to eliminate the fuel as a source of the problem. Motor problems can be expensive and you certainly don't want to break down out on the water. Cheers, bn

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Greg. Do as BigNeil suggests, put it in mowers etc or even put it in your car providing it's not a Diesel . $ 25 worth of fuel isn't worth the risk of a blown motor or any sort of damage to 2 stroke outboard. Stale fuel is a major issue with 2 strokes especially old ones.


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13 minutes ago, Greg Foster said:

Thanks guys so 50:1 is ok in a whippet snipper that only uses 25:1 normally ?

i guess it will only make it more smoky ? 


50:1 has half tye oik add the extra oil to make it 25:1

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