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Looking for a light rod for lure fishing


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Hello everyone,

I'm getting into lure fishing, and looking for some advice on a rod and reel to buy. I will mainly be fishing land based for bream, fleathead, whiting etc. in estuaries in and around Sydney, using a variety of lures such as soft plastics, poppers, crankbaits etc. I'm trying to find a 2 piece graphite rod that is roughly 7'6, with a cast weight of around 1-10g or 1-7/8g. I've been looking at the Daiwa TD HYPER 763LXS ROD. Everything about it seems good but it is a 3 piece, I think that may have an impact on sensitivity/feeling bites, if anyone has any experience with a 3 piece lightweight rod please let me know how it compares to a 2 piece. I also have considered a 7' rod such as the Daiwa TD SOL 702LXS SPIN, but I was hoping to have a slightly longer rod to get longer casts. However, I haven't had much experience with using braid so let me know if a 7' should suffice for getting decent casts with braid. If anyone has any other rod recommendations that would be nice, cheers.


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7' would be a bit more versatile especially if you're gonna chuck poppers and cranks, something in the 2-4kg , shimano raider have a couple also samaki make some really nice rods 

My suggestion is go to a tackle shop and feel the rod in your hand ypu want something comfortable that you can cast all day,  as far as a reel can't go past the stradic ci4

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You should take a look at NS blackhole AMPED II rod range. Roughly similar price and a nice rod to use.

When you running gear that light, I don't think length of rod will make too much of a difference, you just need a rod that is able to cast the weight range you want for the line class you're using.

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Welcome aboard.

I just bought the New Ugly Stik Carbon 7'3'' rod. Great rod for casting plastics. I put a 3000 reel on it

I also have a Daiwa TD Supercasta 762 with a 3000 reel. Good rod for casting lures.


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