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3 weeks off..... the saltwater

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Bit of a belated report from my recent leave. After the week at copeton the first salt session was with James Clain which was my first jack for the local "jack season" which got me inspired to get jack fishing.

the first session was an early start with the tide on the end of the runout, and a slow start fished the likely jack edges for a couple of hits from trevs once the tide turned and the current picked up, the bait started to appear and finally a proper hit 


a nice GT to break the doughnut, pulled drag on the hit, 

working further up on some rocks another take saw a flash of brown got excited for a minute but turned out to be a small cod


atleast some fish were coming aboard, continuing further up found a bust-up with baait being belted against the edge 


ended up with another couple of GT's, then a reasoanble bream off a nearby snag


and teased up a longtom which I managed to hook put on quite a show going some big jumps


ended up going 93cm

heading back to the ramp decided to go one last effort on a sunken tree, blade was eaten instantly 


a nice little big-eye to finish the session 

The next session was a late arvo for nothing but a small tailor, the fish seemed to have the blinkers on for jelly prawns. After the failed arvo session hit the water early the next morning with a mate again targeting jacks and gt's but also aiming for some bream.

We started out bream casting working plastics on deep timber, I hooked up 3rd cast the fish was heavy I called a monster bream, was a bit surprised 


a 44cm cod on 6lb was a decent battle.

We moved our efforts to targeting the gravel beds with shallow cranks, Matt got quite a few small bream, when I finally stayed connected I new straight away it was a quality fish


biggest bream I've caught in ages, we kept going on the beds with plenty of bream coming aboard then a different take 


a nice whiting to mix the bag, with the current flowing hard on the trees we decided to finish the session with some GT's and they were happy to oblige


we ended up with quite a few for the session


the jacks have evaded me since my early season success but hopefully as the water warms I'll be back into them again

cheers for reading 




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2 hours ago, hookerbruce said:

Nice going.  On light tackle all those fish  would put up a decent fight.

I assume you were in the Nambuca system. How far up the Macleay would you recommend trying? 

Yes in the Nambucca, I don't fish the Macleay very often, get GTs and apparently plenty of jewies around Jerseyville, if you head off north off the main  river at "kemps corner" towards Stuarts point" all those flats usually produce plenty of flathead 

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19 hours ago, kingie chaser said:

Back on home soil & a nice mixed bag, cant complain about that Dave :biggrinthumb:


I hope you kept a couple of the tasty ones?

Ironically I don't really like fish 

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5 hours ago, dirvin21 said:

Ironically I don't really like fish 

Well you clearly love what you do so thats all that counts right¬†ūüĎć

Just getting out on the water in the natural surroundings, enjoying nature & the challenge of tempting the fish to jump on your lure, as I say just catching a fish is a bonus. 

& as¬†Darryl Kerrigan would say................. "Hows the serenity"¬†ūüėČ



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