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Western Sydney local carp fishing my Druitt / blacktown

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12 hours ago, Deano343 said:

Just looking for some close to home spots to fish noticed I’ve got a lot of local lakes ( Plumpton , Glenwood, Woodcroft etc ) wondering if there’s carp in any of these ? 

if you are after some live earthworms as bait, drop me a line, im near Woodpark, and Ive got HEAPS to spare. Just have to come pick them up.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if they did ! 
There is of course one way to find out - put a bait in there and see what eats it ! 
Pretty much all of the creeks that run into the Hawkesbury  have carp in them and bass .

Take a look at the Windsor bait and tackle YouTube channel , Aaron ( the host and owner of the  now unfortunately closed tackle store ) has spent many years fishing all of these creeks for bass and carp .


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I have seen a guy catch a carp in front of me at woodcroft on the other side of the main carpark. He was using bread on a small unweighted rig. He even showed on his phone some monsters carp he caught a couple months ago.

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