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I had big plans to travel further afield this morning but as often happens with me I ended up fishing locally instead.

Started out in z man grubs which scored me two undersized flatties in quick succession. Then I switched to a squidgy shrimp and came up tight on a bigger model. No monster, but might have reached mid 40s at a stretch. All fish released.

Not long after that I got snagged and got the call that the kids had woken up so it was time to go home and take everyone to the beach. Glad to have got my fishing fix before that!


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21 minutes ago, JamoDamo said:

How good are the squidgy prawn wrigglers? Cloud 9 is a best in 65mm

Totally agree! They have actually become my go-to plastic over bass minnows which have been my go-to for over ten years. They are a lot more expensive per plastic but then again my fishing time has reduced in recent years so overall it doesn't make a difference cost wise :P

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