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finally got one from the yak

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A few weeks ago a good mate and I fished Deep creek just north of Nambucca looking for jacks, the creek is supposed to be a bit of a jack hotspot but I'd never actually jack fished it, that particular session was a perfect doughnut but the area looked to good not to hold fish. Last week I headed back to the same area again looking for the elusive red creature, it was one of thise mornings for all the wrong reasons, left gear at home,  whilst re-tying a lure noticed a monster jack sitting under a log watching me only to spook as soon as I was re-tied and to top it off I rigged a weedless plastic and when I tossed it in the water to test the action I realised it wasn't tied to the line, coincidentally every bird in about a 3km radius took to the air at exactly that moment when I muttered "yes that's a real pickle". I managed to salvage the session on the paddle back with a small moses perch


atleast the right family.

Today with perfect weather for jack fishing I again headed to the same spot to hopefully settle the score. The creek really looked alive with mullet everywhere and tiny trevs chasing my lure confidance was as high as it can get when jack fishing. I worked plenty of perfect timber for no result, still I couldn't break the anticipation the weather was ust to perfect, then working a natural rockwall, the hit came, it's funny no matter how many times it happens a jack hit can ruin your jocks, it was a tough fight in the kayak but luckily managed to steer him out 


43cm of deep creek red satan from the yak, happy would be the understatement of 2020


I love watching them swim off, this one gave me a fine shower as he took off to say thanks. 

Fished the way back for a couple more hits from presumed small trevs and a low 50's flathead which made it's way home for a feed 


doesn't matter when you only get a couple of fish in a session especially if one of those is a jack

cheers for reading 


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