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PB bream 28/11/2020

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Fished Newcastle Harbour this morning with plans of sinking some hooks into some soapy jew.

Fished the last quarter of the rising tide and the slack on high but couldn’t seem to spark the interest of any jew but did manage some bycatch!

A single decent flatty and 2 hefty bream including my pb 🤙 I’m no bream fisho but still stoked none the less. Didn’t get much of chance to show its strength on the 20lb setup. 42cm!, caught on a Samaki Vibelicious 85mm in pearl shrimp.

A pb is definitely something to be happy about no matter what fish your chasing!.

Thanks for the read,




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Nice bream. Any over the 40 mark is a good fish, and more than 20 years old. A just legal bream is about 4 years old.

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