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Good Flathead off Dee Why


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Did not manage to beat the sun but managed a 5.45am launch at Tunks Park.

Just a light westerly wind but a decent southerly swell once around North Head, and quite a bit of jiggle until we were well away from the cliffs.

AACD7405-2679-4E2F-A8C1-B2C0955167AC.thumb.jpeg.1358e450bb46d144fce23a8d819cbab7.jpegWe. did not bother trolling as it has been quiet for a while and there were no working birds.

Took a while to sort out out the drift as there was northerly current and a westerly wind.

Managed to get a few nice flathead and a couple of reef fish when we strayed onto the reef area.

When the westerly came up about 11am we headed for home.


Sorry I didn’t have a rule to put on but the red was 33cm and the smallest flathead 37cm. There was a mix of bluespot and marbled flathead with some of them being very solid.

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Flathead my favourite eating fish - some nice ones there Alan, well done. That drift is always productive, but always lots of little ones with the keepers.

I also have a “bionic hip”, took 7 months to be fully mobile, but really good now, hope your doing OK.

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