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Getting into yak fishing with 9 year old

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Hi all

Thinking of getting into kayak fishing with 9 year old son who loves his fishing.

Have the option of a tandem kayak where we are together and if he has a problem I can help him or 2 single kayaks.

Benefit of 2 singles is if I want to go out by myself I can easily.

What would you do?



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Go the 2 singles, it's amazing how quickly they become independent with a yak and outgrow a tandem, I used to have a rope pre tied to the back of my yak rhen if the kids started struggling I could tow assist them

Most important do some yak rolling drills getting him to jump off and climb back on 

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After the first reply, I was just about ready to put an offer in on a tandem.  Then the second reply has me in a quandary.

Very much appreciate the replies, just confused what to do.  Second hand singles maybe don’t seem to hold the value as well as tandems which might be due to there are more second hand singles rather than tandems?

My guess is a tandem will be best for the next could of years and then 2 singles might be better?

How do people go putting 2 singles on the roof racks?


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If you're starting out go the $380 ospreys they're a good stable yak to get started, my kids have them 

They lay into each other well, one flat on the racks the other half laying on it they tighten in well

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 Hi Mark

Sorry for late reply. I haven't checked in for a while.

I've also got a 9 year old and we started fishing from yaks about 2 years ago and have had a heap of fun.

Go 2 singles as your son will get confident and competent real quick and will want to do his own thing. 2 singles will also be way more versatile when he is out playing with his mates. At 9 he should be able to handle a small adult boat. My son prefers fishing out of my yak.

If you are out Mudgee way you should go for a flick at Dunnes Swamp once it reopens after the fires. Absolutely ideal for kids to fish and paddle.

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