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How To Cook Blue Swimmer Crab on Weber Q

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Blue Swimmer Crabs are right throughout most coastal areas of Australia. Also known as ‘sand crabs’  they inhabit coastal estuaries, bays and beaches. Whilst not as large or meaty as the famous Mud Crab, the large adult males make very fine eating. There is a good commercial supply of Blue Swimmer Crabs or they can be caught using a variety of methods (check local regulations).

Blue Swimmer Crabs can be cooked many ways, including boiled, steamed or stir fried. Arguably, the best method is to use a very hot bbq grill as the flavour of the sea is preserved plus its simpler and faster. This method is for two to four adults using 2 to 6 medium to large crabs placed on a Weber q gas grill.


2 to 6 medium to large whole crabs (cleaned in sea water, no fresh water to touch crabs).

1 tablespoon of paprika (any type).

Half tablespoon of dried chilli powder.

1/4 teaspoon of black pepper.

3 tablespoons of peanut oil.


Combine paprika, chilli and pepper in a bowl. Coat the crab with oil then dust with spice mix.
Turn on BBQ and with hood closed then set dial to highest temperature setting. After 5 to 10 minutes open the hood, clean grill with steel brush then place crab on grill (any side up). Close hood and cook 4 minutes. Open hood, flip crab with tongs, close hood again then cook for 3 minutes. 
Turn bbq off, use tongs to place crab into a metal mixing bowl, then place crabs in freezer. After 5 minutes remove crab from freezer then place one on a chopping board.

Using a good knife, cut the crab through the middle leaving one large claw on either side. Then quarter. Repeat process for remaining crab.

Serve with a side dish as a main course, or as part of an entree for a larger group. 


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