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Not really intending to go asap but tryin to sort where to go    last time went to coxs between lyell n wallace an never seen a fish   somewhere with less foot traffic would be preferable or access with trail bikes

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The only  access to the river is by Kowmung fire trail or walking , should also mention most of the area was burnt twelve months ago. If you want to fish the spawn run need to walk as the waterfalls downstream from Molong Creek  prevent the fish moving up to the more accessible part . 

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You walk in from Narrow neck or Carlons farm, end of Megalong Valley to the lower Kowmung. A long way.

( you have to cross through Warragamba  prohibited area to access this way)

You can also walk in from Uni Rover trail on Yeranderrie road. A long way.

You can walk in from Kanangarra walls and down First Top. A long way.

You can walk in from Yeranderrie along Scotts main range and drop down. A long way


Not sure why you would want to go in there, especially this time of the year.

Last spawn run was poor even though Dam was high and river levels high. They did run but not for long and not big fish.


I might have a look further up where access is better. Resident browns if season is reasonable. Very hit and miss though.

PM me if you want more info




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The Kowmung River trail (road) was closed when I looked in November. Long round trip from the Sutherland Shire to find it closed.

Access to the river via the gauging station passes through and terminates in prohibited area as Centrepin mentioned.

You can also access down Wheeney Whungee Creek, but you need to be able to abseil!

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