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Where to fish in Batemans Bay?

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It’s 15 years since I’ve fished Batemans, and then only around the toll gates. I’d appreciate feedback from any Raiders with input on

1. where to get live bait

2. where to try for flathead and pelagics (especially Kingies)



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Gday Pickles,

I only have first hand experience fishing in the Clyde Estuary, mainly upstream of the bridge.  Its a pretty good fishery, but it can be difficult at times.  Its the closest point for the capital trailer boat flotilla so it gets a lot of traffic.  I had my best ever whiting on surface lures session in there, which was cut short when I got buzzed by something big and grey which ended with me halfway up a mangrove tree and on the phone to my mates to be picked up.  

I have also caught flathead and pinky snapper in there without too much trouble.  My brother in law very recently got a nice flatty on soft plastic too..so its worth a look. 

I havent been outside as I havent owned a boat big enough to do so until recently.  I have been researching a lot though and I have heard the flathead grounds are in 45m of water and stretch south for quite a way.  You shouldnt have trouble finding them.  

I have no idea where to find kingies near the bay - but hopefully someone else will chime in with some clues.  

If you are visitor its worth noting that Batemans bay is festooned with marine park closures, including all of the tollgates.  So you need your maps and you need to be careful or you'll get pinged for sure.  


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with the new bridge being built and removal of the original bridge the bottom is going to be stirred up a lot with lots of food moving around...I would imagine the fishing over the next few months around the bridge area should be interesting


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