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Noel. It's a bit too close for my likings, I need to get to the chemist in Berala tomorrow to pick up my scripts, but after that I won't be leaving the house . The guy from the BWS who tested positive is a relative to close friends, so have to stay away from them.

It can strike anywhere at any time so please everyone be careful and don't get into gatherings. With my health the way it is it would be a death sentence for me IF I got it.

There are a few members within a mile or so of me so it's not just me who it's close to.


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Thanks guys for all the good advice, Got the scripts no issues, also went and got tested today, didn't have to leave the car and no contact with another person, just waiting for a negative return via text.

Five hour que at my local Lidcombe test site so went to Merrylands and virtually drove straight through, 10 minutes all up including test.

I hope and trust that all members will get tested, my 2nd test as I done it before Christmas when I had to attend 2 funerals in 2 weeks.


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