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One pump, two bait tanks

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Hi there.

just purchased a seafarer viva, it has two small bait tanks at the back of the boat. I want to plumb both as they are so small. Can one transom mounted pump and pickup cover both the tanks at the same time?.... wondering if simply installing a Y connector down near the pump would be enough to get the job done?

The other question I would be grateful for an answer is.... the inlet would be at the bottom of the tank (currently the tanks drain bungs), if the pump weren’t working constantly, rather more little on/little off, what stops water from draining when pump is off?

Any thoughts are appreciated.





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You want the Inlet and outlet at the top, the outlet (overflow) needs to be a decent size, because those scoops pickup a lot of water when on the plane. A Y piece will work, if both hoses are not the same size, a flow tap might need to be fitted to make sure both tanks get water, the inlet usually has a right angle inside the tank to direct the water down towards the bottom.

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Just to add, if the inlet must be at the bottom, you will need to make some kind of vertical pipe that screws into the bung, and has a loop at the top to direct water down, I am pretty sure you can buy all that sort of stuff if you shop around a decent boat shop.

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You want the inflow at the top and the outflow as well- if the outflow is at the bottom you will loose water unless you have a closing valve in place-and you will forget to close it sooner or later and end up with a dead tank. There are plenty of y pieces and t pieces available at Bunnings in the garden irrigation isles if you want to play around. Inflow is better at the top too as it means more oxygenated water in the tank

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Thanks for the reply’s & suggestions guys.

The boats down in jervis bay at the moment, between looking for a job & hopefully finding a job, not too sure as to when will get back down there to get started on the project?

anyways, will head out to buy all the bits & pieces tomorrow I think I’ll need. Going to use the bottom drain as a inlet and create a new outlet up higher. 
Only reason is the tanks are so small, any standing pipes I feel will only create a hazard for the livies??. 
Reading the description on the rule pump, says it has a inbuilt “Check valve“... hoping this will keep the water in,,if not the non return valve suggestion will be the next step. If these valves hinder water flow, will remove and just run the pump constantly!

Biggest concern is the “Y” piece allowing even flow in the tanks??, will try to tweak the flow, but if it fails, will focus on the single tank. At least it’ll hold squid & self clean... keep the yakkas in the bucket with aerator!

Thanks a lot guys, believe it or not?, you guys may have just given me a little extra sleep tonight.

Been stalking the site for a while now, congratulations to all of you.

God bless.

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I have a 2000 model v-sea with the same two small bait tanks. I have only one plumed, that that’s all I want.  The inlet is through the transom similar to this  I don’t have a scupper as pickup, the pump just sucks water in.


a pump connected inside the transom, pumping to the upper part of bait tank. The is an overflow from the bait tank to a skin fitting on side of boat. The drain holes that drain into the engine well, I use a cork as the plug. 

I hope this makes sense. If not I’ll take a picture or two. 

as for plumbing both, I can’t see why a t-piece would not work

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