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Anyone recognise this? (Rock Cake)



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4 hours ago, noelm said:

if you go diving you will see hundreds of them.

Fist time spear fishers see hundreds of them, think they have done well spearing one, only to cut it open and smell shit*. As kids we called them shit* fish. That is the reason there are so many, no-one wants them. 🤣

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Bain of the Luderick fishers they are known as "Cockie's or Birds"- because they look like parrot's mouths, they usually feed right along the edge of the rocks and often will "surf" a wave up on the edge to grab cabbage or weed. Similar teeth and diet to Luderick.

 It's a little known fact that they are very good bait for Mulloway- to catch one, you hold your float right in close to where water runs off and use either weed or a small cabbage bait and Luderick style gear and fish about 3 meters deep under the float.

Is it a coincidence that most baits that Mulloway like have a really strong odour? Pike, Yellowtail, Cockies, Luderick etc

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