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EVA foam flooring v carpet

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At some stage I will be putting in a false floor, casting deck and storage on my 12" project tinny. I have some experience with marine carpet in a larger boat and it's ok to stand on but a HUGE pain to clean. Squid ink, bloody, scales etc just don't come off easily (IMO)

Has anyone used EVA foam in a similar context?

This is the type I am considering


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Swaz. Not a lover of that stuff, it's OK when new but doesn't take long for the adhesive to let go and then all the corners start curling up and soon becomes a nightmare, glue it back down and the guts start bubbling.



If you look close you can see the edges lifting up and this was after only a couple of months.


This is what it looked like with proper carpet .




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added photos
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Here is one we bought “in the raw” secondhand. We tow our caravan and tinny on top of car via boat loader. 

Swordie worked some mods to make more comfy and bright. We were on our way to the gulf and Covid-19 hit and we had to run home :(

Before is bottom left 2 pics others are after shots. 


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