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A few barra over Christmas

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I had the good fortune to get out of Sydney (Central Coast) a few days before the border closed and drove with family straight up to Hervey Bay to stay with my wife's brother for 10 days. Thankfully for me he is a great fisho and has worked out how to get the most from a local dam stocked with barra. He was getting 1/2 a dozen fish per trip a few weeks prior and for some reason they were shut down over the 3 trips we did, but that didn't stop us getting a few anyway. My sons first barra (boy is he now keen to head up again) at 65cm and my PB at 82cm. Just love the strike and short tussle but fishing the lilies does restrict the fight and it quickly becomes a tug-of-war as the fish dives and lily stems foul the line. I didn't appreciate how thick they are and how small the head is compared with the body. We only got one each but more than happy with the size. Unfortunately the wind and tides didn't enable a trip out in the bay in his small boat but cannot have everything. 

Heaths 65cm Barra 2020.jpg

Barra 82cm 2020.jpg

Barra 82cm #3 2020.jpg

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We kept my sons fish for dinner. Cut out the dark meat and skinned as advised. Pretty good I have to say. Maybe not quite a good as salt water barra but not bad at all. Huge fillets. 

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