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EPIRB registration labels and AMSA


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Hi Everyone,

Purchased a new GME Epirb installed and fitted to the boat and just completed registration with SMS and email confirmation.

On the back of the GME EPIRB is an area set aside to afix registration sticker.

When I rang Beacons AMSA 1800 406 406 they advised me that they no longer issue these labels and that I am to keep a copy of the printed registration on my boat.

Alternatively she advised me to take a picture of the registration details and to keep it on my phone for prrof of registration.

When I advised her that there is an area allocated to the back of the EPIRB to afix a registration label she told me that this was provisoned for other countries not for Australia.

When I get pulled over I normally hand over my life jackets and flares and in the past would unclip my EPIRB and hand this over also.

Is it too costly for AMSA to issue a label, what if I forget or lose my phone I sure as hell will not be carrying an A4 sheet of paper on my boat even if it were laminated.

Am I the only one that feels this way...?

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Not sure it would be a major issue.


I think Maritime could probably search you / vessel on a data base to confirm.


Would be interesting to know for sure, though

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I don't see it as a big issue - just print off the A4 fold it up and put it in a zip lock bag. Keep it at the bottom of something you always take on board - like your tackle bag or your flare kit.  

In the past we had to carry a map of the area that we planned to navigate - and it was not allowed to be paper or digital. But with the improvements in digital equipment reliability, that has now been relaxed to allow a digital map. Similarly they are allowing you a digital copy of your rego (picture, email and even text from AMSA)... your choice and you have the option.

I'd rather AMSA spent the money they saved on stickers on better safety coverage then printing, posting and administering the stickers.  Imagine how many stickers had to be re-issued each year for open vessels where the epirb would get wet and the stickers perished. 

Cheers Zoran

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Interesting topic. Here is a link for others to look at.


https://www.beacons.amsa.gov.au/ this is the link mentioned below to check registration online 

It would be good if we could have it online like we have with all our licences and regos in the one place ie: Service NSW app

Why do I need proof of beacon registration?
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Just another way to get to it quickly if info needed. I don’t have a beacon but this would be how I would access the online check area. 

I added a shortcut icon to go straight to the registration check area.

This is in my fishing folder on my iPhone 

I think most would carry a laminated print out on their boat as Zoran says. 


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Really appreciate the feedback

I have saved a photo of the registraion in my photo album in Google Drive.

Should I need prrof of registration I will navigate to this folder.



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