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Corroded spool? Any suggestions to fix

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Hi Team,

I was replacing my line on my Saragosa 10000 and discovered some pitted white corrosion that occurred under the spool.


does anyone have a solution. To manage this corrosion and pitting. As it is a bit rough and don’t want to damage any new line. I thought sand and maybe a bit of wax? 

I don’t want to replace the line until I work out what to do with the pitting. And it’s a good reel so would be a shame to send it to retirement! 


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Why retire reel? May be just call local tackle stores or directly Shimano and ask re spool replacement cost (in case that cannot be repaired)?

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That’s pretty poor to happen on an expensive reel like that. Should not happen - I’d complain to Shimano and ask for a full credit towards a new Shimano reel that hasn’t got the same crappy components.

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Take the spool off reel take all line from spool, get alfoil and Coca Cola coat alfoil with coke and lightly rub into spool, this will clean off salt build up, flush  off with warm clear water alloy to dry then re-spool with fresh line. To prevent it happening again always run line through fingers OR cloth as you spool on for last time during session. Then flush reel off with fresh water once home. Tighten drag before hosing reel, don't use a lot of pressure.


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On 2/14/2021 at 10:20 AM, DanRob said:

Thanks, that is what I was thinking. Clean it up and coat with something.

I was wondering what coating people would use? 

try abit of 600 wet and dry use water with a bit of detergent in it help it slip abit more

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Just a follow up. 

Before I took to the corrosion myself, I contacted shimano as per a few members suggestions.  The reel was purchased in 2013 so still within 10yr warranty: but no chance of any proof of purchase. 

Credit where credits due, shimano service/tech support were very helpful and explained what I needed to do fill out a warranty form and send it in. I was worried about timing prior to Easter that it would take ages.

not long after it was sent I received notice the parcel was at the post office and I called shimano to see why it had been bounced back (expecting that I was being told not under warranty)  - turns out they just replaced the part and sent it back ASAP no questions. I was genuinely surprised how hassle free this interaction was. 

It pays to buy good gear, from whatever company is willing to back them with agood warranty

*I should note they look at the overall condition when assessing these things. If I gave them an absolute neglected mess I am sure it would have been a different story. 

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