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port hacking again

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went port hacking this morning with a mate to try for a legal king again

was disappointed on the kingies today with only 1 been landed at around 55cm

heaps of yakkas and pillies running around again and tons of bonnies around chasing pilchards. Great fun on the lighter gear.

kept 13. 10 for bait. 

also caught a nice legal pannie which was hooked badly, so we kept it.


My mate had his rod ripped out of the rod holder by a bonnie, only for me to catch the bonnie that snatched his rod. Quite a moment, especially seeing 2 owner 6/0s in its gob, then seeing some braid attached to it. Quite lucky 

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20 hours ago, jimg1au said:

Going in the port tomorrow where should I look for the Bonito 

early morning amongst the moored boats in lilli pilli. Unweighted live pillies or dead pillis been whats working. Pillies are there from first light. 

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