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Sydney Harbour bust ups

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Moved into the area near the northside of the bridge so have been getting up early when I can, as well as some late arvo sessions to hit the wharves/piers and surrounding areas to chuck a few lures about. Haven't bothered too much with live baiting even though the yakkas are plentiful at the moment, rather just casting metals, stickbaits and shore jigs. There has been heaps of activity and bust ups on the surface, especially through the middle of the channel towards the bridge. One morning recently, there was the most action I've seen from the shore in years, giant schools of whitebait being smashed by Salmon, Tailor, Bonito, Mac Tuna and a mix of rat and decent kingies. I managed to snag a decent mac tuna that was very quickly bled and iced for ceviche just to give it a try, and actually turned out really well (lot of people out there who will turn their nose and nothing but the best so shame on them, but end of the day, matter of preference). Managed a few decent tailor, one that was kept for dinner for the family. 

A question for the raiders out there, what are your go-to lures/techniques when you're fishing in areas like this, with bust ups like this? I caught both the tailor and maccie on a 25g metal, but no luck on the stickbaits or shore jigs even when casting into the schools when they were busting up like crazy. 



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The metals jig about on the retrieve like baitfish, especially at a higher speed. They have caught me fish for about 60 years, so I am not biased in my reply.  😆

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