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Set off midweek just before sunrise from Berowra Waters boat ramp.The weather wasn't very encouraging with cloud and passing showers but on the plus side I had the waterway pretty much to myself all day.

Trolled a small hard body lure behind the kayak and caught some tailor for live bait and fished the likely points and holes all the way to Bar Point without a run.

The only excitement on route was a loud exhalation of air when a turtle surfaced close alongside the kayak.I'm not sure which of us was more startled.I have been seeing turtles in increasing numbers in Cowan, Jerusalem Bay in particular, but that was the first I've seen way up inside Berowra Waters.

It was approaching mid afternoon before I started the long paddle back to the ramp and I hooked up with my last live tailor at one of Berowra's popular jewfish spots.He was an exceptionally fat specimen and put up a very spirited fight.

Caught an hour or so after low water on aslow drift with the bait close to the bottom.



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Well done mate  I live in berowra and go to brooklyn as I've caught  bugger all in berowra waters .havnt been out lately  due to crap  weather but you have convinced me to try river if weather shit for outside great fish

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Very nice fish for kayak/boat/shore fishing, but very nice for the yak. They do not give up straight away, putting up a good fight at that size.

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