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Been a while since my last post. Dusted out the old blackfish outfit with my trusted Alvey 475A. I also have the non swivel model but I suspected some long casts into the wind and this is extra difficult with a centre pin. Normal weed spots were completely bare from the recent rains but I did have some old weed stored in a hessian bag luckily and a weed fly my neighbor made.

Tried all around Tom Uglys with nothing. Water was very murky and lots of debris floating out with the outgoing tide. Moved around to Captain Cook bridge and changed to the fly. This was more successful with a couple of downs but no hookup. Wind had now picked up so I tried the floating cruise boat pontoon. You are not allowed on there as it is private but you can cast out to where the structure is. Anyway I got a good cast in from the shore and dropped it right next to the walkway. I could just see the float and the rain had also started to come down as the float started its drift. I dropped the rod quickly to put on my raincoat whilst trying to keep my eyes on the float. Picking up the rod I looked out and could not see my float anymore. Not certain if it had just drifted too far or if it was a down I began to panic. Do I strike?

The even heavier rain made my decision for me. Lifting the rod I felt some weight. It could have been weeds. Then the tell tale surge of the blackfishes tail told me I was finally on. After a great fight with some strong runs taking line out I landed this beautiful 40cm model. Rain coming down in buckets now so I called it quits.



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Really nice luderick/blackfish.

Technically we are only in the first month of Autumn - a bit premature to be called a winter blackfish. 😄

Enjoyed reading the report. Thank you for sharing. Those weedflies have been really effective at times and completely reinvented the way I chase them (now on fly rod with a wool strike indicator so almost no resistance to downs).

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Hey Jimbo,

Your report created a flashback for me - no not the illegally-induced ones lol - I meant that I remember perhaps 30 years ago, there were crowds of people fishing the Captian cook bridge pylons. Burley the side of the bridge pylon and walk-the tide as your float was carried by the tide alongside the pylon. There were heaps of people assembly-line fashion. I have not seen anyone on the pylons fishing in years - probably illegal to tie the boat off on them and fish them... I bet the fish are still there but no-one fishing them..

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Yes-- the Blackies are still there at times near the  pylons .I anchor back and drift past close as possible .

The north end has been best overall  10-12 ft drift Run out .

Regds Bob







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The luderick are starting to come in :)

Nice size Luderick and pic

Well done on a miserable day.. the fish made up for it...



Mr. T

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