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Fishing rod tip slightly crooked to one side? Is this bad?

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Hey raiders, 

So i've got myself another salty fighter hahaha, I bought it around january 10th this year and up until now its been amazing. I noticed today and for the last couple sessions that my leader has been getting ridiculously chaffed when there was no reason for it to be chaffed. I scoured through the runners looking for the problem and aha! I found it. Turns out the rod tips runner had been chipped making the ceramic insert of the guide useless...

Well a quick google search and I learnt how to replace the rod tip. I practiced on two old graphite lure rods that had broken beforehand and I accidently put too much heat on one and burnt through the blank pretty much disintegrating it (mind you they were all unusable as they were snapped and broken). I got a lighter burnt the glue away and pulled the runner off.

I then noticed that the rod tip had a slight 93-4 degree angle not be 90 degrees straight with the rod. Could I have broken the tip pulling off the runner or was the blank just made that way? I replaced the runner with hot glue and its now back to normal just a bit slanted... which is making me a tad very worried...

Heres a photo what do you think?


Will this effect its casting performance or fighting a fish as it tosses or turns? I'm just very worried it will snap or do you guys think it will be fine. Ive been doing quite well on plastics lately i've caught at least 25 fish on plastics in the last week or so of fishing every single day/arvo after school/holidays now. 


Keen to hear the input from you guys!

Cheers! JamoDamo



If it doesn't work out I do have a savage manic 7ft 2-4kg turning up bargain at the moment $80 for a $250 setup

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It probably won’t make much difference. Try it out and see how it goes. If you remove the bent tip of the rod it looks like you’ll only be shortening it by at most 2cm. I’ve done that in the past with rod tips broken and it seems to work ok.


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I don't believe it will make any noticeable difference to your rod's performance and think if you'd have damaged the blank removing the old tip, I imagine you would have noticed it before glueing on the new one.

Did you use hot melt glue or epoxy?

I'm guessing the new tip may have been a slightly larger diameter than the blank and if it really bugs you remove it, bind some thin,  "A" grade rod thread onto the blank to provide a snug fit and re-glue the tip on over it.

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If you run the line through all the guides & tie it to a fixed object & then load the rod up a bit you will see where on the top guide the lines regular contact point will be.

Will this matter in the scheme of normal operation??

I doubt it in the long run.

Years ago I was given a nice older fbrgls shimano rod(Sorocco or Sirocco, something like that) by an old work acquaintance because he didn't want it anymore, reason being it had been stored improperly & was slightly bent.

I accepted it gratefully.

Loaded up you would never know.


Great rod, for me anyway 😂


Still using it & catching fish 😉

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I don’t think it will make any difference. Sometimes even runners on new rods are not absolutely straight and most of the time it is ok. Problem is that this is your new baby. Cheers

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