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Old Centrepin Reels

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Hi everyone, 

Im tyring to offload some old reels for my FIL, and i know some people here are interested in old centrepin reels so i thought i may try and sell to a fishraider who will put them to use again before it goes on Facebook.

CONDITION: The reels need work and are not showpieces but i can see them still catching fish. The Silverstream is seized (does not turn) and the Golburn is a bit clunky, the others turn freely.


COST:  Not too sure what we have so just make an offer on the lot if you are interested (he knows he wont be a millionaire post sale, he is realistic and is just looking to offload so that they continue to be used).

The back of the reels say:

"The universal Goulburn reel" -"Made by HRBain Melb"


"S & A" - "Steelite" - "REG NO 1869" - "29.4.31"

"Alvey" - "MOD 35/9" - "PAT APP" - "No 36173"

"AVON" - "Royal" - "3"? (i think it looks like a 3 stamped but not sure)


PICKUP: Chipping Norton (or can post,  the cost will be whatever aus post says, i wont charge for handling/packing etc).





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