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Huskisson Boat Ramp Advice

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Hi Folks,

Finally getting a chance to hit the water and taking a trip up to Huskisson weekend after next.  Towing a 6m glass boat and was wondering what the local boat ramp facilities are like.  Had a look in the site's Ramp section, but found nothing up to date.  I saw online that Wollamia Ramp has been upgraded.  Has anyone used it lately, and can advise if it's suitable to launch a 6m glass boat, are there trailer parking facilities , or would I be better off heading over to Murray's?  Thanks for the help.  Cheers............




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Assuming you mean the Woolamia ramp near Huskisson you'll have no problem with launching there. The upgrade has included extensions to the docking piers and a few extra parking spaces. To get an idea of the place, just take a look on google earth.

Murrays ramp is okay, but I have heard recommendations of avoiding it on low tide with larger craft. Also the rockwall doesn't offer much protection from strong westerly winds.

The obvious advantage of launching at Murrays is it saves a trip back and forth across the bay if heading offshore.

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Ive launched at Woollamia a few times now. The ramp is just fine for a boat your size and the pontoon is good.

The hardest part about that ramp is navigating out through the currambene creek, it is very shallow on a low tide so stay between the markers. as soon as you get to the mouth there is some reef due north east with no lit markers. 

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Hi Green Hornet & GoingFishing,

Thanks heaps for the replies, been ages since I've fished around JB.  Looking forward to a trip away, it's been a long 18 months.  We are staying in a caravan park in Husky so, Wollamia will be nice and close.  Thanks for the heads up on the reef, appreciate the info.  Cheers...


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