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Hi all, I have Just bought a Alvery No455A the star drag part is missing.  1 Is that an issue ?. 2 What is the chance of buying a new or used one?. 

Thanks Doug.

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Should be easy enough to buy parts, just go to a proper tackle shop (not a department store type) and ask.

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If you don't have any success at a Tackle shop, which as Noel said,  I'm sure you will, try ringing Alvey in Queensland, they are an incredibly helpful bunch .

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Posted (edited)

I'm not 100% sure on what you're talking about here as all A style Alveys don't have a drag system. They rely on pressure from the palm of your hand to control a "running" fish.

If you are referring to the tension nut that is adjusted to take the freeplay out of the spool on the shaft, you can buy the part directly from Alvey's website and they will ship it to you. If you have trouble finding the right part, email them and they will assist.

Be aware that not all tackle stores stock Alveys  these days, so if you prefer to purchase what you need, you can also find a stockist near you on the Alvey website.

Edit: I just googled a 455A and they don't usually come with a tension nut, so I'm guessing your reel is okay. Hard to tell without a photo.


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Tackle store will have to order from Alvey anyway so you might as well do it yourself .

If it is the same as the photo below you might be pushing your luck but I would still try as you never know what parts they have in stock.2292F4BC-3AFF-4AB9-AA14-D91E2827E17B.jpeg.c27158498691cc4fb9edae2d5618590c.jpeg

This is the 455A 


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