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I've done a dozen or so solo treks up in the Kimberley in WA over the past 40 years, and been to some amazing places, both on foot and by packraft. Here's a waterfall on a creek with no name, about 70 kms northeast of the Mitchell Plateau airfield. I spent 27 days alone exploring it to and from the sea (caught a nice barra on a handline at the mouth, too :). Only way in or out was by chopper. Magic.

Kimb. waterfall.jpg

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G'day Remote River Man and welcome to Fishraider. Your story and picture really hits the spot with me. I had always wanted to visit the Kimberleys, to witness, first hand, the magnificence and ruggedness of the place. Alas, that's no longer possible but I salute you for being fortunate enough to have done it and in the right way. Your photo really sums up the reality of human interaction with Mother Nature. How powerful she is and how fragile we are in comparison. Yet we are able to achieve so much, even the destruction of such natural beauty. Thank you for sharing your photo. I for one would like to see more if you have a mind to post some. Thank you, bn

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Sure thing, Neil. Here's the same spot from a different angle.

You can find a few random videos from my various expeditions around the globe on the Remoteriverman YouTube channel, too, if you're interested in having a look. Kimberley, Borneo, West Africa, South America, BC Canada, etc. 


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Thats fantastic RRM, you're certainly a adventurous man, excellent photos to.

I've been lucky enough to spend some time up that way, though a bit further south. The country is spectacular and it's rugged and remote but some pristine locations are had and when you have permanent fresh water the art and culture exists.

Thanks for sharing.


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