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DECKEE NEWSLETTER - 9th June 2021 Search and Rescue Solution


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Deckee, the cloud platform for safer waterways, has today unveiled its innovative Search and Rescue solution for coastguard and emergency services organisations, designed to increase the number of boaters logging on with marine rescue and provide vital information about vessels and passengers that can help protect and save lives on the water.

The end-to-end solution is seamlessly integrated with the award-winning Deckee mobile app, which is trusted and endorsed by government maritime agencies and industry associations. In a few simple taps, watercraft owners can easily submit their trip plan to participating Marine Rescue organisations via the mobile app, and opt-in to share their GPS location for safety purposes. Rescue teams are then able to monitor these trips via a secure cloud dashboard. 


“We pride ourselves on delivering the most modern software, backed by world-class support and a laser focus on making our partners successful and the public safer,” said Deckee Founder and CEO Mike McKiernan. 

Deckee has also announced that the new solution has already been successfully trialled by a state government department, which adopted the platform across its bases as part of a major new initiative to modernise rescue operations.


The trial of Deckee’s search and rescue solution facilitated an additional “log on” method with marine rescue to complement existing radio and phone methods, and eliminated siloed manual records at each rescue base by replacing them with a single source of truth for statewide activity, enhancing the ability for groups to collaborate with one another. 


"When it comes to Search and Rescue operations on the water, the reliability of supporting data is paramount,” said Eugenie Alder, Head of Product at Deckee. “We have focused on creating a secure and scalable cloud platform that is always available to our customers and directly assists public safety on the water.” 

For more information on Deckee’s Search and Rescue Platform, visit deckee.com/search-and-rescue.

Download the Deckee app for free via Google Play or the Apple App Store today.


Deckee is the free boating app for local information, weather, navigation aids and official alerts and notices.



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