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Alvey Luderick Reels

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Hello Fellow raiders, I have a choice of Either a Alvey 500BC or an Alvey 475A reel to use on my 12ft Diawa Thunder Stick Blackfish rod. About 15 yrs old still like new

So I am soliciting a general Consensus on which would be the better choice.  I have fished for Luderick for about 43 yrs. Mostly from rocks sea walls and sometime from a boat.

But in this instances I will be targeting the rocks.

 So in advance thank you for your time and wisdom.


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I would definitely be going with the 475A, which is a dedicated blackfish reel. The bearings in the spool make it easier to control drifts without having to constantly hand feed the line and the narrow spool holds a 150m length of float line nicely.

The 500BC is really more of an estuary reel for chasing bream flathead and whiting etc. No bearings and a wider spool that takes far more line than you need for blackfish.

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As GH says above and heaps lighter and more "one-hand" operational. With the bearing reel the outgoing line will flow off almost by itself, the 500 you'll need to get the spool moving as start-up inertia needs more pull with both the heavier spool and no bearing. I have an old model 475 and it still works fine after 30 odd years

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