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Kabura jigs

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Has any one been using the Kabura sliding jigs? Looks like these are the new must have jig from Japan and are popular in New Zealand. Would like to know if they work any better or just another gimmick to catch fisher people. Check them out on YouTube.

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Yes, they love Japanese 'heavy metal' in NZ . From memory these have been at least couple of years on the market, I would check also NZ forums /FB pages for feedback as they have rather similar fish species choice to ours. 

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Seen them used in WA pages as well. For Demerals off a boat.

Tried a similar one many years back, think it was called a rock hopper, but snagged it landbased fishing before I got a chance to give it a proper opinion.

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Ive used these in NZ (Waiheke Island) my mate who lives there showed me how to use them . I was slightly skeptical but they proved dynamite on the snapper. Ive got an orange one i take with me on the kayak in the harbour but havent got around to trying it. Perhaps this long weekend....

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I use them up here in Port Stephens when fishing deep (say >35m). They definitely work, and like some other slow jigging methods, you need to do a very slow roll. You'll feel the bites and be tempted to strike - don't - just keep slow rolling. If you're using a spinning reel, you need to slow down even more. 

I also make my own Kabura plastic skirts (the materials are super cheap from China - end up being a few cents each...) so I can mix/match colours and even use them with a running ball sinker or with a sinker tied into the loop knot. It's a dynamite way to fish when the usual early morning bite has finished in close and you've still got a couple of hours to kill. 

Lastly, keep them about 5m off the bottom. Undesirable species love them too! 

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Plenty of jigs around & I probably have to many so I dont need another one thanks :whistling:🤣


But hey, it does not hurt(except your wallet) to have a multitude of lures in your bag.


I have some Lucanus, octo, Inchiku, Kachi, Buku Buku, whatever.


Just get some & try them out.


Will they catch you fish................sometimes but if there is nothing dangling then you dont have a chance.


I love spending other peoples money 😏 :thumbup: :ninja: 🤪 🤣 :mfr_lol:.......................:05:



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