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Where is Harry Hairtail?


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Hi fellow fishraiders,

I am considering getting a touch of frost bite and sharing company with the brass monkey's on the weekend.

Can any tell me if Harry is active at the moment?

I have obviously seen the 2 reports here, but looking for an update on these finicky critters.

Dont want to loose digits to frost bite if there is not a better than fair chance, particularly as I am taking a mate who has driven 5hrs to get the opportunity!

Any leads / info gratefully accepted.


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Hi tryhard they have been around for a while and there's been fish caught in quite a few of the different spots in Cowan. You need to find some bait fish and sound around.

Often the most miserable conditions for fishers are just great for them. Tides and moon are good this weekend also- I'd go and try a few of the regular spots.

Jerusalem Bay seems to be the most consistent bay these days but typically of Hairtail they move around a fair bit, so any of the spots can have fish turn up

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7 hours ago, THE SWEENEY said:

Hey guys ,i think we should do a hairie social night again, they were a great night, a great social event ,Cheers Laurie.


Well yes I suggested it but no-one wanted to. We have been a few times and Stewy has caught a few on other outings. 

Have you been yet Laurie? 

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Posted (edited)


We made the trip from the harbour up to the back of Jerusalem Bay.

Lots of bait but no hairies around so far tonight.

Such is Hairtailing I guess.


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